Hello there. Welcome to our little piece of beach in our small town we call home. Well, technically if we took a step outside, we wouldn’t be on the beach exactly. But it’s a short, short walk.

Here you’ll find so many of the things I love so much – that make up our home.

Living on less than an acre, beachside isn’t the easiest place to set up a homestead but darn it, I’m going to do it. I mean, not many things grow so well in the humid, hot, salty… did I mention it’s humid here? But learning how to make it work is part of the fun.

We garden, or as my 5-year old calls it, “hard work” to provide our family with as much homegrown nutrition as possible. To show our kids how food makes its way to the table without running to the store, is a lesson I love to share. Perhaps we look silly, doing it the “hard way”, but for us it’s the most rewarding.

Welcome to our home.