About Me

  • I am a Work from Home Mom of two young, super energetic children.
  • I am a Wife to an awesome husband.
  • I am Passionate about the Art of Self-Mastery.

My Top 3 Strength Themes are Achiever, Analytical, and Discipline.

I have a constant need for achievement. I absolutely need to achieve something, every day, in order to feel good about myself. And by “every day” I mean there are no weekends or vacations. The only difference between my days are the types of goals I strive to meet. So for example, on weekends I have more personal and family oriented goals.  

And oddly enough, a huge motivator is a complete day of rest or a vacation! It pushes me to do more and power-through my days. And when I accomplish my goal, the internal fire dwindles for just a moment. And I can fully enjoy my win – for a short while, before the itch starts up again. And like a drug, the need comes sweeping back. So I’ve learned to pack my laptop, books, and other materials to help me through my achievement addiction while on vacation. One time, back when I was a more serious apparel designer, I even packed my sewing machine on a week-long cruise.

My world absolutely needs two things. It needs to be planned out, and it needs proof. What I mean is, in order for me to gain a clear understanding of something, it needs to be backed by solid information. What research was done? What is the outcome? Who conducted the experiment?

The reason why I enjoy looking at stats and data is because they don’t hide an agenda (unless crafted to do so by someone). But pure data is just information. And the only way I can really understand the world. I am absolutely obsessed with looking at different types of habits. What patterns do they create? What connections? How do they affect one another?

I love creating structure in my world. I set up routines and focus on timelines. I’m not necessarily neat and clean all the time, but I need precision in my life. I dislike surprises and I’m totally impatient with errors.

What can Living Samantha do for you?

I am not a life coach, or a success coach.

What I specialize in, is planning, scheduling, and creating routines. My expertise comes in the shape of habits. I am obsessed with habits! I can help you match the correct habits to further emphasize your unique talents. I’m a Habit & Talent Matchmaker, so to speak. Let me set up the right sequence for you!

No, I am not a life coach or a success coach. BUT you can live your ultimate dream life, achieve your ultimate level of success by complimenting your specific talents with the best matching habits. Let me manage the plans and routines so that you can focus on the most important thing, living the life you were meant to live

Live Life Driven by Your Curiosity.

As you can see, I love what I do. It’s an extension of me!

I hope this blog inspires you to try new creative activities with your newly acquired free time! And of course, feel free to send any questions, comments, or love to samantha@livingsamantha.com. Look forward to hearing from you!