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How to Set Yourself up for Success Tomorrow

How to Set Yourself up for Success Tomorrow

If you are having trouble with your morning routines and waking up early enough to get them going, a well defined evening routine can be a better place to start. Check out my previous post on morning routines if you haven't already! And also be sure to follow me on Instagram, I post lots of productivity and healthy habit tips. Be sure to follow so you don't miss out!

An evening routine can add more productivity to your mornings even if you already have a morning routine. You can really set yourself up for success the next day by getting started the night before. 


Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


So we should take advantage of what we know:

  • Our time is limited.
  • Our will-power is limited.
  • Our self-discipline is limited. 
  • Habits are things we do automatically. We don't think about them.
  • A routine is a collection of habits you do on a regular basis. 

Routines put our brains into an automatic state. In this state, little or no will-power is required. Set up an evening routine that will help make things easier in the morning. The less resistance and the less thought that goes into your mornings the better. Save your limited resources (will-power and self-discipline) for more important tasks throughout the day.

Starting an Evening Routine for a Successful Morning

Plan your Next Day

Either go over your planner or write a to-do list. Visualize how you want tomorrow to go. Prioritize your tasks and figure out which ones you absolutely must accomplish tomorrow. Doing this the night before provides a much clearer view without any of the "day of" pressures of decision making. Writing down your plan will also help you "brain dump" and release stress before bed. 


Discouragement often overshadows small victories at the end of the day. Take this time to really celebrate your small "wins". Because when it comes to habit creation, these small "wins" become big accomplishments in time. So take a few minutes to put things into a good perspective and it will give you encouragement for the next day.

Meditation is also a good habit to add to an evening routine. Many people discuss it's benefits during their morning routines. But during the evenings, meditation can also clear your head and help you get a nice deep rest. 

Prep for Tomorrow

This is where you prepare items to ensure tomorrow runs smoothly. It'll allow you to think-less and run more efficiently in the mornings. I like to pick out my workout clothes and put it on my bathroom counter before bed. This way when I wake up and automatically go to brush my teeth, my workout clothes are right there. There is less of a reason to not workout

I also like to get breakfast and lunches prepped for the next day. I'll wash and cut up the ingredients for breakfast so in the morning it's more of just grabbing and cooking. I'll portion out snacks to put directly into the kids' lunch boxes. I make sure everyone packs their bags the night before, so there is less chance of forgetting items (again, less thinking) in the morning. 

Clear the Clutter

Homes get cluttered, I've accepted this. But waking up to a cluttered mess, automatically adds stress. Having to clean clutter before starting your morning routine doesn't get you started on the right foot. Adding just 10 - 20 minutes of cleaning or tidying up will help reduce the clutter and the stress in the mornings. This doesn't need to be a huge cleaning session at night, but just a short and fast clearing of clutter.

Building routines isn't easy. Forming good habits requires self-discipline. It takes intention and will-power to make it work. But the good news is that after you've formed the habit and created the routine, it'll be so much easier. Instead of working hard to do them, it'll be harder not to do them. Stick with it, and you'll find smooth days ahead of you.

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If you struggle in the early mornings give yourself a head start by starting a night time routine. Set up a nightly routine with your successful, productive mornings in mind.
When your mornings are difficult and you wonder how to get up earlier for your morning routine. Set up a nightly routine with your successful, productive mornings in mind.
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