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5 Outstanding Personal-Growth Benefits of Journaling

5 Outstanding Personal-Growth Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is something I always put on the back burner. Something that sounded pretty good, but I told myself I just didn't have the time. It was much easier to motivate myself to make the time for more exciting healthy-hobbies such as exercising and cooking. But because I never really understood what journaling could do for you, I never really prioritized the activity. 

So without further ado, let me tell you the benefits of journaling and why you need to start in 2018. And why I wish I started earlier. Also at the end of the post I'll include a printable PDF of journal prompts to help get you started or just for some extra inspiration.

Benefits of Journaling

1. Reduces Stress

When you start journaling, you have a chance to write and reflect on your life. This gives you a chance to express and process events and situations. This can help you gain new perspectives and solutions for tricky situations. Journaling can help you feel calmer and more grounded. After I started journaling, as crazy as it sounds, I realized I don't fully understand how I feel until I write it down

2. Improves Memory

Writing things down helps you remember what you need to do. When you journal about new understandings and realizations, they are more likely to stick for the future. Whenever you are just not feeling a workout, write down how you feel. Then make yourself go workout. When you get back, write down how you feel. Normally the endorphins will cause you to feel good and motivated. Next time you think about skipping a workout, you can look back and remember how good you felt after you pushed through the lethargic feeling.

3. Promotes Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Journaling encourages you to focus on your present thoughts and feelings. This will help you create the habit of being more self-aware and mindful. Previously misunderstood feelings and emotions make more sense. It becomes easier to solve problems because your mind is open to solutions you may not have considered otherwise. And in turn this will help you feel happy and give you a sense of well-being. 

4. Improves Optimism

Regular gratitude journaling has been shown to promote greater optimism, enthusiasm and energy. It is a great addition to a morning routine, check out my blog post about morning routines here. It also enhances our creativity as it is an opportunity for creative self-expression.

5. Improves Self-Discipline and Will-Power

Will-power is like a muscle. We should exercise that muscle to make it stronger. Regular journaling gives us an opportunity to do so. 

"Writing activates the left brain, which is analytical and rational. This leaves our right brain free to create, intuit and feel. Thus, writing removes mental blocks and allows us to use all of our brainpower to better understand ourselves, others and the world around us." (Source: The Health Benefits of Journaling, by Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP, PsychCentral)

Check out this free PDF Printable: Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

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