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How to Face Your Fears | Stop Worrying

How to Face Your Fears | Stop Worrying

Fear is not a bad thing. It's necessary and natural, to prevent injury and preserve life. Therefore, everyone is afraid of something or another. Self-discipline comes into play when you make yourself confront and face the issue, in spite of your fear. 

What Fears do you Want to Unlearn?

You can unlearn a fear by practicing self-discipline. The most common fears we face today are of the failure and poverty sort. These are the types of fears you don't want clouding your judgement, because they tend to paralyze you during an important opportunity for growth. 

Aristotle taught that, "to develop a quality that you lack, act as if you already had that quality in every situation where it is called for." 

You can change your behavior by "faking it until you make it", visualizing and acting as if you have the quality that you desire. This will cause your courage to build up and you will gain confidence in your abilities. As you continue repeating this process, you will realize that you are no longer afraid. 

The good news is that fears are usually bundled together. For instance, the fear of rejection is bundled with the fear of public speaking. When you have the self-discipline to unlearn one, you may find that the fear of the other is gone as well. 

How to Deal with Fears?

Moving towards your fears means you've addressed the fact that you indeed, have that specific fear. It's a positive step forward, because being in denial will cause major stresses. But, the majority of the time, our fears are not the constant cause of our problems. It is more so, that we are worried about something that we fear. And in order to deal with our fears, we need to first understand why we are worried. 

A study in the journal Behavior Research and Therapy showed that people who try and suppress their unwanted thoughts actually ended up being more distressed by those thoughts. While those who were more accepting of those thoughts turned out to be less obsessional, have lower levels of depression, and are less anxious. When you feel worried about something, anything at all, and it is causing you stress use this Worry Report.

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This Report will walk you through accepting your worried thoughts and how to deal with the fear. If you take the time to think and answer the questions, you can quiet your fear and worry.

Know that it has been estimated that 99% of the things you worry about never happen. So take the necessary steps, answer the questions, and stop those fears from keeping you down.

How to Face your Fears and Stop Worrying. 99% of the things you worry about never happen, don't let fear keep you from living to your full potential
Free Downloadable Printable to help you stop worrying. Learn self-discipline and live your best life without fear.
Learn to face your fears and stop worrying about the little things. Don't let fear keep you from living the life you dream of. Free PDF to walk you through how to stop worrying.
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