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Back into the Swing of Things

Back into the Swing of Things

Hello Everyone! It's been a little while. I took some time off from the internet and work. Which is very nice. I suppose... most would call it a vacation. I dislike the word vacation, it creates anxiety for me. I keep thinking, 'ahh no money in, lots of money out.' How is that super enjoyable?

Moving on, because that isn't the point. I took some time to actually be present with my family. To enjoy the time spent together, even when things are going wrong and the weather isn't pleasant but you have to enjoy it. It's so easy to get sucked into the mindset of being angry that the weather is terrible, it's too crowded, and you only have one day to spend at this one spot. So much unnecessary pressure, that I didn't even realize was ruining my... life (to be overly dramatic). 

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But in all honesty, it was actually quite enjoyable. I keep thinking - 'I need to be more like my kids.' On the beginning stretch of our road trip to North Carolina, I planned a few fun stops at parks where the kids could play and stretch their legs. Hopefully, they will tire themselves out and take a nap while we make some headway on the road. (Don't be gross.)

Unfortunately, as soon as we stopped, everything kinda started going wrong. The playground was flooded. The bathrooms were for some reason, locked. The blue skies turned dark and started to thunder. It was almost like a scene from a comically sarcastic movie. The kids were disappointed, but still had a great time. We ran to the car in the rain, ate snacks and went on an adventure to find an unlocked bathroom. Then headed on our way. No meltdowns, nothing horrible.

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Honestly. I need to take a breath and just enjoy the flow. So that's what I'm going to do from now on. No more, super prepping and planning every step of the journey. (That's going to be hard for me.) No more over-packing. We don't need everything! We don't use most of what we have. It's just extra stress we carry around. Baggage everywhere... you know?

I'm going to go back to being a kid... within reason. Enjoy life for what it is. And I don't care what people say, yes the futon is staying in the living room next to the couch because when we have family slumber parties, where we stay up late playing video games together until we fall asleep, I want to be comfortable darn it! I'm married with kids, I totally deserve this, on occasion! lol

So, as I was saying. Getting back into the swing of things now that the kiddos are in school. Going to focus more on enjoying life~ Creating hilarious memories, Completing challenging challenges, and really just being present when it matters. Truly focusing on our curiosity. No longer care what other people think.. we're weird, and our kids love us. 


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